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Who We Are

This online shop is part of the niceshops group. The niceshops group is an Austrian company that specialises in the development of online shops in various product segments represented in several European markets.

Nearly one million people visit our online shops every month which generates more than 25,000 orders per month. The orders are packed in our logistics centre in south east Austria and dispatched from there across the globe.

Our online shops have a few things in common:

  • a finely sized offering from the respective area.
  • an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • perfect, fastest possible delivery and purchasing process
  • trouble-free Warranty and Returns Policy
  • friendly and competent customer service
  • AND: many regular customers, who, with their feedback, play a role in shaping the development of our shops.

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture.

Sustainability was the main focus during the planning stages of our new logistics centre and was integrated into various areas of construction. Our company strives to be a role model, therefore, we did not shy away from the costs and the effort it took to reach the goals that were set out. The most important sustainability factors in the construction process of our new logistics centre were:

  • Wood - the naturally renewable raw material played an important role in the construction. A total of 680 cubic metres of wood were used throughout the building. Because one tonne of CO2 is stored in every cubic metre of wood, resulting on a binding of 680 tonnes of CO2. For comparison: just one tonne of CO2 corresponds to a car journey of 4,900 kilometres.
  • Insulation - proper insulation was also very important to us in order to save as much energy as possible. The insulation value of the roof is approx. 0.18 W/m2K, which is considered very good. Furthermore, the insulation within the walls amounts to a thickness of 16 cm which corresponds to the insulation of a single-family home.
  • Heating and cooling - A biogas plant, that also has a biomass furnace, is located approximately one kilometre away from our logistics centre.
    So instead of installing our own gas-fired heating system, we decided to heat our new logistics centre with the help of the biogas plant and the biomass-fueled furnace system.
    When we learnt that the waste heat from the biogas plant is only really used in winter, but is wasted in summer, we installed an absorption-based cooling system instead of a conventional one. This is now operated with the waste heat produced by the biogas plant or with the heat produced by the biomass furnace. The absorption-based cooling system cost us three times as much as a conventional system but saves an incredible amount of energy. Making use of the waste heat to cool and thus utilising the untapped potential of already available renewable energy simply made sense to us.
    By getting connected to the biogas plant and utilising the waste heat, we're saving 600 kW for heating and 550 kW for cooling. For comparison: if we used one of the two appliances for 8 hours a day for 180 days a year, we would consume an average of around 1,680 kWh per year. With this amount of energy, we could watch TV continuously for almost 3.5 years (on an average-sized TV).
  • Equipment - We buy refrigerators with a maximum energy efficiency rating and while purchasing computer hardware, we focus more on energy efficiency than performance. Package filling - we also keep sustainability in mind for shipping our parcels. For this reason, we have changed the filling material of our packages to compostable materials wherever possible. 95% of our packages are now filled with biodegradable biochips.

    In addition to the hard facts when it comes to sustainability, the soft factors, i.e. people, are also important to us.

  • Awareness - It is important to us that environmental protection starts with each employee personally. That's why we make sure that all devices are switched off outside of working hours. We also emphasise proper waste separation.
  • Suppliers - We constantly check the sustainability, production methods and philosophy of our suppliers. This is the only way we can ensure the best products and the best production standards for you.

    Sustainability and environmental protection are central pillars of the philosophy at the entire niceshops Group. We only have one planet. Therefore, our entire team is actively involved in taking steps to preserve its beauty and diversity.

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