KOSMOS GERMAN - EXIT - Das Spiel - Die Drei ???, Das Haus der Rätsel

Find a way out of the mysterious house

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Follow Justus, Peter and Bob into the House of Riddles for an exclusive detective meeting. When you get inside, all the other guests seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. As you take a closer look around, you're shocked to realise that someone has locked all the doors and you're stuck in this spooky house. How can you find your way back outside? And where are those bloodcurdling screams coming from?

To solve the puzzle, resort to unusual approaches: The material may be written on, folded or torn. This means that the game cannot be played a second time.

  • Live puzzles for all fans of the three ???
  • Escape room excitement at home
  • Ideal for all Exit beginners
  • Think logically and act together
  • Game in German

A free bonus app is available for this game, which gives valuable tips for getting started and provides a great background noise.

Recommended for Children:: 99 years old

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