KOSMOS GERMAN - EXIT - Das Spiel - Die Station im ewigen Eis

Solve puzzles with teamwork and find the way out

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As part of a team of scientists, you operate a research station in the Arctic. Suddenly an alarm goes off and the researchers are immediately evacuated - except for you! You're in a locked laboratory and accidentally come across a mysterious notebook that contains strange codes and clues. The feverish search for the way out has begun!

As with all Exit games, team cohesion and creativity are essential here in order to solve tricky puzzles. You have to think outside the box and resort to unconventional solutions. You might even need to tear or cut up the game material. Because of this, this game can only be played once.

A free app accompanies you through the game and gives helpful tips on how to play.

  • Unique game for home
  • Suspenseful to the end
  • Solve puzzles together
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Game in German
Recommended for Children:: 99 years old

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