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Playmobil has been inspiring children since the 1970s with lovingly designed miniature worlds in which they can experience a variety of adventures day after day. With PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3, even the youngest children can immerse themselves in their first role-playing games and make up exciting stories with the cute vehicles, playhouses and figures. The diverse sets in the PLAYMOBIL City Life range inspire children aged 4 and over to play out familiar scenes from everyday life - so they can slip into a wide variety of roles and run their own daycare centre, run a restaurant or even furnish a house to their liking. The realistic construction site vehicles, fire engines and police cars from PLAYMOBIL City Action can also be used to recreate fascinating stories from everyday life in great detail. Little knights are sure to get their money's worth with PLAYMOBIL Novelmore when they think up action-packed battles around the conquest of the great knight's castle.

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